Influenced by heroes, encouraged to pave a path of their own - living in a world surrounded by boundaries, but daring to color outside of the lines.  Acoustic, Rock, Alternative, Pop,  Theater, Gospel, Bluegrass - all of the above - Yes.  These are the gifted artists we are honored to represent.  

We like playing outside of the box. 

"With the firm belief that each artist has their own story to tell, we do our best to help that artist be who they are meant to be, within the constructs of the industry as it is, but allowing that artist to create and take ownership of the gift they have been given.  From the creation of a song/project, to the analysis of how that song/project needs to be presented, on to the full production stage showcasing that song - we do our best to help give that story, set to a melody, justice." 

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Original Rock/Country Alternative and Pop style music with Bluegrass technicality and musicianship - featuring Grammy® nominated producer and engineer Matt Munsey. The 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association Momentum Band of the Year Monroeville's newest project, WORLDS APART takes you on a musical journey from a Rock Orchestrated song,"Push On", that features the band playing LIVE in one room with a Juilliard string section - to an EDM offering, to a technical Pop style song, then to a Blues song, to a Rock song, and then back around again to a Rock Acoustic Orchestra instrumental in "Gallarojo". 

 Bill Monroe - "I was determined to carve out a music of my own, I didn't want to copy anybody."  "Ditto." - Monroeville. 


 A Pop Rock Theater group featuring Becky and Josiah Zigo, Zigo's first self-titled project shows off their abilities in their writing of every song, and playing of most every instrument on the project.  Zigo's music is genreless, yet timeless - with a unique stage show that combines a technical but elegant live music production with the physical beauty of dance and acrobatics

Songs of the Fall

Songs of the Fall is a Colorado based Americana band featuring 5 time Grammy nominee Cia Cherryholmes on banjo and vocals and Stetson Adkisson on guitar and vocals. They have been described as a meeting of Celtic, Delta blues, and Bluegrass and referred to as the American version of the Swell Season. Sonically ranging from driving and gritty Americana performed by a full band to beautiful ballads sung by Cherryholmes and Adkisson as a duo.